”Myrstugubergets Friskola” is Huddinge Municipality’s oldest “Friskola” and was established in 1994 and now celebrates 30 years as a school.

The school started out as a parent owned school and today “Myrstugubergets Friskola” is a part of the Atvexa Group. The school welcomes pupils from Förskoleklass to year five and also has an afterschool program at “Fritids”.

Throughout the school’s thirty years the main focus has been to create a safe environment for children where they can learn and grow as individuals and acquire skills for further education. We follow the curriculum established by the Swedish National Agency for education for each subject and our motto is “That is is essential for us that each child excels in his or her schooling” in order for everyone to feel proud of themselves.

Contact us

If you are interested in learning more about our school, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a visit. If you would like to register in our queue you can do so on our web-site.

Kristina (Kicki) Ståhl
0703-17 71 64

Målning av Myrstugubergets Friskola, målad av Marja Berglund 1998